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Bridge - Shoulder/Head on Bosu

  • Gluts on floor in starting position

  • Weight or no weight on the hip

  • Lift glutes slowly off the floor and squeeze in the top position and press through the heels of the feet

  • Lower back down to floor in starting position

  • 10 to 20 reps




Bridge - Legs on Bosu/Head on floor

  • Gluts on floor in the starting position

  • Weight or no weight on the hips

  • PRess shoulders into floor as you lift glutes and extend hips into the air and squeeze glutes in the end position

  • Lower and release legs back down to the floor


  • 10 to 20 reps





  • With legs wider than hips and toes pointed out hold weight in front of body

  • and squat lowering the body towards bosu

  • Sit with glutes on top of bosu

  • Then lift and return body back to starting position





Squat / Bicep curls / Shoulder press

Standing on a bosu

  • Stand in starting position on bosu with weight held by the sides of body

  • Engage your core and stay balanced as you squat as low as you can

  • Return to standing while performing bicep curls to bring body back upright

  • Then bring weights to shoulders and press overhead

  • Return to starting position.





Lungs on a bosu

  • Start with front leg on a bosu

  • You can use dumbbells or not





Legs - Shoulders

  • Lunges/Back leg on bosu

  • Lunges/Shoulder press

  • You can use dumbbells or not






  • Starting position - kneeling with knees on bosu

  • Lift your right leg - then your left leg

  • Lower right leg - then left leg








  • Push ups side/up/side

  • Starting position one arm on bosu - do push up

  • Both hands on bosu - do push up

  • Opposite arm on bosu - do push up

  • 10 to 20 reps



  • Follow images





  • Push ups with knee on bosu

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