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What Is FPTC?


FPTC stands for Fitness and Physique Team Competitions.

What we hope to accomplish with this is to allow for a competitive scene that is not only about the asthetics of the body but also about the how functional the body can be. 


Shows will consist of 3 parts to be judged by Judges trained by us personally to make sure everyone is judging to the same standards.


The First part of each show will be the Physique Portion.

  • Each team member will come out individually for this portion

  • You will be Judged based on having muscular Symmetry, a balanced Physique( conditioning/ upper body doesn't overpower lower body etc.), as well as your presentation(confidence)

  • You can use poses from any traditional physique class( Bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini)

  • You will recieve an individual score between 1-5 and it will be added to team overall total score


The Second Part of the Show will be the fitness portion

  • This will be a test of Strength, endurance, and speed.

  • Each member will take part in this category and again recieve individual scores that will be totalled for team score.

  • There will be 3 exercises performed:

    • ​Max number of Push-ups in a minute

    • Max number of sit-ups in a minute

    • Max number of burpees in a minute

  • There will be a judge overseeing each competitor to insure no half reps or cheating. 


The Final Judged section of the show will be Group Routines

  • The whole team is on stage for this portion

  • Routine can be what ever the team decides so long as it is athletic in some capacity

  • Props are allowed but only if they can be worn on your body. Aka Clothing, jewelry, hats, capes. Not things like Boxes, canes, balls, weights.

  • Team routines will be judged on best choreography, teamwork, and presentation.



  • Prizes will be awarded to Top 3 overall Teams

  • Sponsors will determine what kinds of prizes will be recieved (cash, gift card, supplements, etc.)


Team Rules

  • Teams Must consist of 6 members 3 Male and 3 Female 

  • All Members of the Team must Where FPTC Certified Clothing(coming soon will be compression shorts for men and Shorts and a top for women)

  • Team must be registered with the FPTC membership 

    • ​Membership for a team will be $210 or $35 a person


Interested in Being a FPTC Promoter or Judge?

  • Promoters and Judges will both have to be certified via FPTC workshop which will be held 3 times a year.(Cost of workshop yet to be determined, Free to promoters)

  • To become a Promoter you must apply and email your Application and Resume to (Application coming soon)

  • If you Promote any FPTC shows you can expect to have us their in person to help make sure things go smoothly and answer any questions you may have. 


The First FPTC Show Will be Held September 2016

Check back often for more information as things are Finalized. 


FPTC was Founded by Medina Roberts, Daryll Reynolds, and Hunter Williams 














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