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Sample Body Building Exercise Program

This Program was designed for Muscular Hypertrophy (Strength  , Endurance, and Balance). Do NOT do high intensity cardio before lifting because strength is partly dependant upon oxygen delivery. We will start the first week with Drop sets (strength and endurance), second week will be Heavy/ split body, 3rd week will be super sets and balance, 4th week repeat second week heavy/ split body.

Week 1

Drop sets will start heavy( you will be able to finish 6-10 reps) and then you will drop the weight down 10 pounds. Lift to failure after each drop repeat this drop 4 times and then rest 90 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Week 2

Pyramid / split body 5 sets

Pyramid is increasing the weight after each set and rest of 90 seconds for 5 sets. You should be increasing the weight by  5% each set. Lift to failure but your maximum reps should not go over 6. The increase in weight could cause the last set to be 1 or 2 rep maximum or not. But you should not be able to do more then 6 reps if you are you need to start at a heavier weight.

Week 3

Push-Pull is when you do push exercises, you do movements in which you push the weight away from your body. These exercises typically focus on the quads, outer thighs, chest, shoulders and triceps. When you do Pull Exercises, you do the opposite, pulling the weight towards you. The muscles worked include the butt, hamstrings, back and biceps, different muscles than those used in a push routine.

Week 4

Repeat week 2



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