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August 01, 2018

August/Presidential Cup Newsletter

August 2018                                                                                                                             Vol. 7, Issue 7

m&mXtreme Training Newsletter

2018 Presidential Cup Edition

Well hello everyone! I just want to say that August was an AMAZING month!!!! The month started off with Mark and I traveling to Brooklyn, NY to support our good friend Frank Meekin’s Big Apple Classic on 4 August. I served as Head Judge for this great event held at Long Island University. After conducting posing classes on 3 August and performing duties as the Head Judge at the show, I was so tired after the show that all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and rest. For some reason, my “Amazing” Mark was interested in having me come up to the lounge on the 23rd floor of the hotel for a happy hour. I was not too excited about going to the happy hour however when I arrived at the Skyline Room I realized that a Surprise Birthday Party was being held for me!!! Oh my God, I was so surprised! Several of my best girlfriends from Fredericksburg and their husbands were there, my girlfriend Lisa and her husband from White Plains, NY, my OCB family and Mark’s mother, sisters and his cousin also make the trip from Trenton, NJ! The food and drinks were great, everyone sang happy birthday to me and we ate some great cake! Prior to heading back to DC on the 5th, several of us had a wonderful lunch at Junior’s in Brooklyn and we had a great time talking about the previous day’s events. 

Of course, immediately upon returning to Washington, Mark and I were back in Presidential Cup mode as we were only 2-weeks out from the competition. On Tuesday 7 August, Mark, Tyson and I conducted a walkthrough of the National Press Club to look at the ballroom, stage setup and to take videos so the competitors could see how they would be moving on the stage. After our walkthrough, the three of us celebrated my birthday (which is 7 August!), had a great birthday dinner, watched a movie and relaxed. The next two weeks were a lot of long hours and late nights as the final preparations were made for the Presidential Cup. We were still looking for vendors and sponsors, receiving T-Shirts, Trophies, medals, engraving, printing flyers, updating Competitor rosters, printing tabulation sheets, judges score sheets and putting judge’s packets together, and sending countless emails to the competitors with all information and updates on the show. Oh, and did I mention that Mark and I still have to go to work every day for our day jobs??

Well, after doing all the preparation we could possible do, 17 August and check-in finally arrived. Our major events of the day would include, check-in, conducting a posing class and transporting everything for the show to the National Press Club. All the trophies and medals had to be setup, the sound check conducted and vendor areas prepared. The National Press Club’s support was amazing! Back at the Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown, DC which served as the host hotel, registration and tanning sessions were still on-going. After finishing the venue setup, check-in, adding competitor names, editing and printing competitor sheets, I finally going to bed around 2am! I was exhausted.

The morning of the Presidential Cup was truly amazing. Mark and I got to the National Press Club at 7am to conduct our final preparations.  The vendors began arriving promptly at 7:30am to setup, our support staff was on site and the venue was a buzz with movement.  Competitors started arriving around 7:45 to look at the venue and patrons began arriving around 9:00am. At 10:00am, the 2018 Presidential Cup Started! Six months and thousands of hours of preparation were over and now it was time for Mark and me to watch the show. (Well, of course we were still busy running around all day!)

Oh my God, all the competitors were great and the show was an overwhelming success!!!!! The large crowd was energetic, the competitors were having fun and Donald and Tina did an amazing job expediting! We had great Pro Class and we handed out Pro Cards to 4 truly awesome competitors! We were also able to hand out prize money to the competitor who tagged and posted the most Presidential Cup pictures on FB/Instagram and had a coach’s raffle winner.  As we advertised from the beginning of our marketing for the show, we presented the Department of Veterans Affairs, Adaptive Sports Program a check for $1,000 to help support their great cause.

To cap off the evening Mark and I hosted a small after party at the Hilton Garden Inn for the judges and competitors.  This gave the competitors to relax and talk to the judges for feedback from the show. Everyone had a great time and this concluded the Presidential Cup weekend!!!!!

There were several people who I want to thank for making the Presidential Cup a great show. To my  great judges (Marjorie, Frank, Kevin, Kim, Stasi, Leo, Mary), our amazing expeditors (Donald “Showtime” Graves and Tina Johnson),  support staff and best friends (Cheryl, Tammy, Angela, Lisa), the show videographer (my wonderful son Tyson), our great Vendors (One1 Clothing,  Erin’s Delights, Body Beautiful Bronzing & Wellness, Heels and Steel, Body Fit Nutrition, Laura Gawith Photography, Natural Bodyz, Vicky Ross Fit, Angela Sarafin), Sponsors (Nicolett Nye, Lyneer Staffing Solutions), BlackFinn Ameripub and all my friends who send their well-wishes. I also must thank the National Press Club and their staff for taking care of all our venue needs and the Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown DC for their great hospitality for the judges, competitors and family members. “And of course, I must thank my “Amazing” Mark!  We have successfully co-promoted our first OCB Natural Bodybuilding Show and it was great!!! To find out all the OCB Presidential Cup Winners please visit the below link:'TVA=&year=2018

See you next month!!!!


June 01, 2018

mandmxtreme June/July Newsletter

June/July 2018                                                                                                                                                                 Vol. 6, Issue 6

m&mXtreme Training Newsletter

Well hello everyone! The summer is quickly going by and as always, I have been extremely busy during the month of June! To start off the month, I traveled to Atlantic City, NJ with my girlfriends Cheryl and Nicolette and I attended a Fitness Workshop.  I had a fantastic time and learned some new and challenging exercises that I can bring back to my clients!  I’m sure they’ll love it!!!  The 2nd week of June took Mark and I to Cross River, NY where we attended the wedding of my girlfriend Lisa and her wonderful husband Will.  It was an outdoor wedding; the weather was perfect and we had a great time celebrating with Lisa and Will’s family and friends. On the 23rd of June, Mark and I traveled to Shenandoah Junction, WVA to support Stacey Chatman’s OCB Mountain State Classic. It was the first OCB Show taking place in Shenandoah Junction and it was great! Congratulation Stacey on all the hard work you put in to ensure a first-class event! Immediately after the show, we drove directly back home to Fredericksburg, VA where I had to shoot some post-show review videos and finish packing for my trip the following day to Scalea Italy! As I mentioned a few Newsletters ago, I purchased a 2-bedroom apartment in Scalea Italy when Mark and I traveled to Italy in the beginning of April. After saying goodbye to Mark on June 24th, Tyson and I departed for Italy. We spent the night in Rome on June 25th, and took the 5-hour train ride to Scalea the following morning. This trip was not going to be a vacation as I had plenty of business to take care of. I had to meet with the property manager, sign the final paperwork with the apartment’s seller, wait on furniture deliveries, shop for additional furniture, shop for groceries and set up the apartment with all the new items. 

In spite of all the long hours of waiting on deliveries and shopping, I was able to have just a little fun! I met a wonderful Buddhist family who treated Tyson and I as through we were part of their family! They helped me overcome some of the language issues I had when dealing with Amazon. IT purchases and deliveries, took us to Buddhist meetings and also to their home. Since my new apartment is located 10 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, I was also able to spend a few afternoons relaxing on the beach and enjoying the clear blue ocean…it was amazing! Tyson and I also went on a day trip to Pompeii and visited the ruins, we had a great time. Scalea is definitely a place that I recommend for a nice quiet getaway and property is extremely affordable.  If you are interested in buying property my friends Alessandro and Cecilia Canestrari are selling a beautiful six bedroom villa located in the northeast part of Calabria (Lucania) in the town of San Nicola Arcella.  Please visit the below link to view pictures of the property! If you are interested in purchasing an apartment in Scalea, I can put you in touch with a great relator! I am truly blessed to have been able to find my apartment in a great city like Scalea!

After spending 2 ½ weeks in Scalea with Tyson, we departed on the 11th of July and headed back to Rome. We had one full day in Rome prior to our flight back to the United States and we took full advantage of our time!  Tyson and I walked 11 hours our first day in Rome and visited the Vatican City. We were so tired at the end of the day!! On our 2nd day in Rome, we took a bus tour and got to see a lot of the beautiful city of Rome. It was truly a remarkable experience and I’m glad we could see the city. After finally leaving Italy on the 12th of July, we had an extended layover in Casablanca where we stayed for almost 19 hours! Once again, we met some great locals who were kind enough to not only take us from the airport to our hotel, but pick us up the following morning and gave us a great tour of the city. This was truly another great experience and Mark and I will put this on our bucket list of places to visit in the future.

Finally arriving home on the July 14th, it was back to work! Answering countless emails, talking to clients and I even went to Norfolk with Mark on the 15th to see my good friend and client Mary Dortch compete in the Lenda Murray Virginia Classic. Even though I had just returned to the United States 18 hours earlier, it was important to me that I supported Mary at the Show.  She looked amazing!!

For the rest July, it was back to business for Mark and I.  We are approximately 5 weeks out from our DC Presidential Cup on 18 August 2018, at the National Press Club, Washington, DC. Prior to our show, we will be traveling to New York, to support our good friend Frank Meekins’ Big Apple Classic on 4 August.

Well, that’s enough for now and I’ll provide you more updates in the August issue of the m&mxtreme Newsletter! Remember, you can still register for our show or purchase tickets at the below link.

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!

If you are traveling to Washington, DC for the Presidential Cup and want to avoid any parking issues near the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Washington or the National Press Club, please visit: You can reserve your parking in advance!!! Just type in the above locations and you will find the closest parking garages.


May 01, 2018

May Newsletter

May 2018                                                                                                                                   Vol. 5, Issue 5

m&mXtreme Training Newsletter

Well greetings again! I’m still trying to get caught up from all the travel Mark and I did in April, but its not working!  So much work and so little time to do it! As always, May was filled with personal training, creating online exercise programs, creating diets for my kids (trainers/clients) who are competing, conducting posing classes, serving as an OCB Head Judge and posting competitor YouTube feedback videos. I need a Clone!!!!!!!  For back to back weekends, I had the great pleasure of serving as the head judge for 2 great OCB Shows: The Atlantic Super Show Pro/AM in Richmond, VA and the Catonsville Conquer Pro/AM in Catonsville, MD.  These were “Amazing” shows and the competition was tough.  In spite of this, all the competitors had a great time and were very supportive of each other. After the show in Catonsville, my BFF Kim Jenkins and I drove through the rain to get back to Fredericksburg, VA so I could see clients on Sunday the 12th and to celebrate Mother’s Day!!!!!  While I was so tired, I still had a great time going to the book store and having dinner with Tyson.  It was a great day!  While all this keeps me busy, Mark and I are going full speed ahead in the preparation for our DC Presidential Cup Event on 18 August 2018 at the National Press Club. It seems like a full-time job to solicit sponsors, identify vendors, order posters, banner and flyers and prepare correspondence for the registered competitors and to design the t-shirts and trophies.  Oh and I have to respond to approximately 40-50 emails per day with questions about the show, our upcoming shows (Roanoke Star and Hollywood Natural), diets/nutrition and a host of other things! But I still love it!!! To give our friends the opportunity to make some “ money”, Mark and I have created an Incentive Sponsor/Vendor Agreement which rewards individuals for obtaining sponsors and vendors for one or all of our events. Who can turn down the chance to make money?????

You can register for the OCB DC Presidential Cup at the link below!!!

In spite of all work and long hours during the month, I did get to celebrate Mark’s 56th birthday with him in Virginia Beach over the Memorial Day Weekend. The sun, beach, infinity pool and cool beverages were a welcome distraction from all the work!!!! (Enjoy the attached VA Beach Birthday Pictures!)

As I go forward into June, some of the highlights are: Attend the Fitness Workshop in Atlantic City, NY (1-3 June), my girlfriend Lisa’s wedding in NYC, the start of the World Cup (Go Germany) and I’ll head back to Italy with Tyson to finalize the paperwork with the seller on my Apartment in Scalea!  And of course continue preparation for the DC Presidential Cup.

Please continue to follow me on FB (Medina Roberts) and Instagram (mandmxtreme69).  Mark and I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months and don’t forget these dates:  18 August – DC Presidential Cup, 20 October – Roanoke Star, 8 December – Hollywood Natural!!!!.

Talk to you again next month!      


April 08, 2018

April 2018 News Letter #1

April 2018 Vol. 2, Issue 2

m&mXtreme Training Newsletter

Greetings everyone! Well, It’s April and I’m back again with the second installment of the m&mXtreme Training Newsletter. This month is going to be extremely busy both personally and professionally. Of course I’m training clients at Vida Fitness in DC and in Fredericksburg, working on exercise programs, nutrition programs and I’m still trying to find time for me to work out!! I also have the opportunity to help train a few of the beautiful young women who are competing in the 2018 Miss DC Pageant being held in June 2018. If you happen to be in the Fredericksburg area on April 6th, please stop by the Brush Strokes Gallery from 6pm – 9pm, 620 Caroline St. You can come view or purchase some great art work and get to talk to a few of the talented local artist. Perhaps you’ll get to see some of my work!

April 30, 2018

April 2018 New Letter #2

April 2018                                                                                                                   Vol. 3, Issue 3

m&mXtreme Training Newsletter

Hello again!  There was so much excitement in April 2018 that I had to add another m&mXtreme Training update! The month of April was a roller coaster ride for Mark and I as we have been traveling extensively. This was not completely planned as I received my settlement and I wanted to invest and purchase something for my boys that I can afford .To purchase a place in the US, I would need a big loan but in Italy. I did not need one. Also, Italy is close to Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. My sister and my mom live in Germany and my dad lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This trip to Italy was definitely not a vacation however, we did enjoy gorgeous Italy!  We spent 3 days viewing over 30 apartments and finally I made my decision to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment in center of Scalea and only a 2 min walk from the gorgeous beach, restaurants and stores.  If you do venture to Scalea, you must definitely stay at the Hotel Parco Dei Principi!!! We had an incredible 4-course meal and great wine for Easter dinner and enjoyed the beautiful hotel and staff during our entire trip. For the next 3 days we toured the city, enjoyed fine dining and beverages at restaurants on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Touring the city on foot, we enjoyed our visit to Old Town Scalea, which seemed like we were back in the early 1900s. Old gothic buildings and winding cobblestone streets were beautiful and the scenery was amazing! Our last day in Italy  we spent 5 hours on gorgeous train ride to  Rome  I will be heading back to Scalea with Tyson the last week in June to sign the paperwork with the owner and then it’s mine!!!!! More on my new place in Scalea in the upcoming newsletter.

After returning to the United States on the 5th of April, I resumed another week of training clients at VIDA and in Fredericksburg. A very busy week with 16 hour days. And of course I had to spend time with Tyson and get caught up with my oldest son Agan.  On the 12th of April, Mark and I were off to Manchester, England. Mark booked this trip in September last year for us. This was not the right timing for me as I had to put all my energy in purchasing property and that was so important. I truly wished the trip to Manchester was in September but my gorgeous Mark was there for me on my trip to Italy. He traveled by plane, train and viewed 30 apartments with me. So of course I should support my man, even though I was very tired not ready to leave USA or my clients. But I still truly did enjoyed Manchester even though I was little sick and was not able to sleep wile in Manchester because of the time difference and perimenopause! Ladies, you know what I am talking about!!  I was tired our last day in Manchester but I pulled myself together and still had so much fun.  It does not happen that often that I have a chance to spent amazing time in gorgeous country like England. Mark is a huge Manchester United Football Club fan so this was my first time in Manchester and to see the club in person.  After all, we still had incredible 4 days and the weather cooperated with us!  On a sad note…Man U did lose the game to West Bromwich Albian but we still had a great time! In addition to attending the match on the 15th, we walked the busy streets of Manchester, visited several restaurants, enjoyed the beautiful architecture and took an incredible Old Trafford Stadium and Museum Tour prior to our departure from Manchester. While Mark headed back to DC on April 17th, I flew home to Stuttgart, Germany to visit my family ( I just could not to see my nice and my sister being so close to Germany I got the flight for only $175 from Manchester to Stuttgart and Mark was so kind to move my return  flight to 04/22/18! For the next 5 days, I got to have a wonderful visit with my mother, sister and her husband and my adorable niece!  She wore me out lol!  I did so much walking around in Stuttgart and playing with my nice so that I really needed a week vacation when I got back on the 22nd!

Well of course after being away from my clients for almost two weeks, I could not take any time off and resumed my personal training sessions, diet and nutrition planning, posing classes and working at Brush Strokes Gallery.  Of course while I was hard at work on the last weekend of the month, Mark was able to head to Rawlings Virginia and assist in some scuba diving training with his Blue Planet Scuba family. And yes, he has convinced me that people do dive in southern Virginia!!! (Open water quarry)

As May is upon us, Mark and I will be extremely busy this month. Aside from the normal duties, I will be serving as the head judge for 2 shows (Richmond, VA and Catonsville, MD). I will get a much deserved break over the Memorial Day Weekend as I will help Mark celebrate his 56th birthday!!!!  Ok, that’s enough for now and I’ll talk to you again in May.

Enjoy the enclosed pictures! (I will also be posting pictures on my FB page.)

Oh and don’t forget our upcoming DC Presidential Cup on 18 August 2018 @ the National Press Club in Washington DC!!!!!


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