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Checklist to get ready for competition:


Competition Check List

  • Before committing to a show:

  • Define your ultimate goal

  • Research organizations to determine the best fit for you

  • Select a show, make note of entry deadlines

  • Establish a contest budget (little costs can add up quickly)

  • If you plan to hire a trainer or nutritionist, do research and make contact early


  • 12-weeks out

  • Get your starting weight and BF

  • Familiarize yourself with rules and regulations for your selected organization

  • Order your shoes

  • Take a posing class and begin posing a few times a week for 5 or 10 minutes

  • Begin researching suit companie

  • Select a suit company and let them know you’ll be ordering with them at 6 weeks out

  • Select music for t-walks or posing routines (bikini uses house music)



  • 6 weeks out

  • Consult with your suit designer to provide measurements etc.

  • Increase your posing sessions to 15-20 minutes


  • 4 weeks out

  • Register with your chosen organization

  • Register for the show

  • Order trainer’s ticket if you want a trainer back stage with you

  • Make hotel reservations

  • Make a polygraph appointment if required

  • Order pro-tan and oil

  • If you plan to have hair and makeup and/or tanning done at the show, set appointments now

  • If you’re doing your own hair, makeup, or tanning – start organizing now. Stage makeup is way different than day to day makeup

  • Choose jewelry that you’ll wear


  • 2-weeks out

  • Establish your peak week plan


  • Final week

  • See peak week check list for details

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