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Competition Color


Perfect Tanning Every Time!

As with every aspect of physique competitions, there are many different theories on the best way to tan - there are about as many approaches to tanning as there are competitors to worry about it. I cannot stress enough, the extreme importance of the tanning process to your success or failure on the stage. So, please, please, take the time to read the information posted here. Keep in mind that there are many factors that impact the look of your competition tan. The natural pH balance in your body actually can destroy your color if you’ve not planned correctly. If you’ve ever seen a competitor looking like Kermit the Frog on stage, it probably has a lot to do with that person’s pH balance and how it reacted with the tanning agent. That being said, certain lotions, foods, soaps, and perfumes are all items that can impact the color of your tan.


Popular companies that offer competition-tanning products include:

  • JanTana

  • ProTan

  • Dream Tan

If you’ve never experimented with contest tanning before, you should definitely enlist the assistance of someone who has some experience. It’s NOT as simple as smearing some color onto yourself and hitting the stage. The tan has to be the correct darkness – it can’t be too dark and it can’t be too light; it has to be smooth and natural looking on the stage; and there shouldn’t be any noticeable streaks or blotchiness.

All tanning agents are challenging to work with, but some are more temperamental than others. Dream tan is notoriously difficult to use, but, if you can get a seasoned tanner to apply it for you, it results in a beautiful, glowing tan. With JanTana and ProTan, tanning is a little bit easier, but you still need to have someone with experience to apply it for you.

Okay, enough of the warnings – now let’s look at the process. Below is the approach that M&M Extreme has found to work the best in our years of tanning competitors!

First and foremost: when we recommend tanning products for our clients, we usually suggest sticking with JanTana. We believe it results in the most natural, sun-kissed look and is the easiest to apply. Additionally, with JanTana, you can start your tanning process the morning of the show and still get a gorgeous, dark tan. If you decide to use ProTan, expect to start tanning as early as the Wednesday before the show in order to guarantee a natural, even, dark tan.

Now, when you go to the JanTana website to look for your tanning kit, you’ll see a variety of different selections. This is VERY IMPORTANT…if you choose the wrong TYPE of JanTana, you risk turning green! If you choose to use JanTana Ultra, you have to apply it the day of the show. If you apply it earlier than that, you’re very likely going to turn green.

Most competitors who use JanTana choose to go with JanTana High Definition color. This product is far less temperamental than the Ultra. With high def, you can apply your tan the day before the show, the morning of the show, or both! The high def gives you flexibility AND a beautiful tan.


The Tan Tequnique

Following the directions on the packaging or these below will give you a nice even tan.

  • Starting the Monday before the show, exfoliate everyday with JanTana skin prep.

  • Shave for the last time on Friday morning. No soap, just water (this is very important to avoid turning green – soap can disrupt your pH balance)

  • Make sure you’re completely dry and apply your first coat of JanTana

  • Wait about 1 hour after the first coat, then apply a second coat, wait another hour and apply the third coat.

M&M Extreme trainers had used this technique for about two years before discovering a far more effective approach to, potentially, the most stunning tan any of us had ever applied. This is how we do it now:

The m&m Xtreme Tan Tequnique:

  • Start exfoliating 2-weeks before the show. For the first week use an almond honey scrub.

  • One-week prior continue to exfoliate but only use the JanTana exfoliating scrub during this week.

  • On Wednesday stop using all soap, exfoliant, and deodorant. Continue to use JanTana pH balanced lotion only.

  • Friday morning, apply JanTana lotion and shave for the last time. Take a shower, and then apply more JanTana lotion.

  • Wait one hour and apply more lotion. Now start to apply your color.

  • Continue to apply coats of color until desired color is reached (there is no need to dry for an hour in between coats). Four coats usually yields a great color and darkness.

So, why the change? We found, by using A LOT of JanTana pH balance lotion (buy about three bottles for a show), and applying color immediately thereafter, the color is deeper and richer, and even better, it doesn’t smudge or run.

With the first technique, every time your color touches your clothes or your bed etc, it will streak or smudge, or rub off. With the second technique, the color is beautiful and it doesn’t smudge or run. If there is a blemish in it for some reason, all you have to do is rub over the imperfection and it smooths right out.

With the second technique, apply a little more lotion before getting on stage if you need to fix any imperfections. Then apply the glaze and you’re ready to go! If, for some reason you do start to turn green, make sure you have green away with you so you can apply it and even out the color again. To avoid the green tint that can creep into your tan, avoid all aerosol chemicals. If you use hairspray, make sure you don’t get it on your tan. Finally, avoid all perfumes, deodorants, and lotions that are not from JanTana.

Well, that about does it. This technique had worked on dozens of competitors and it will work for you as well. Just pay close attention to the details, and you’ll have a natural, dark, even tan in no time!


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