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We created m&mXtreme with a specific goal in mind - simplify the contest preparation process for all aspiring bodybuilders, and physique, figure, and bikini athletes.  We exist to provide you with all the tools you'll need to get to the stage looking your personal best for each and every competition.  We offer everything from training and nutrition programs, to posing, to assistance with finding the perfect suit, color, and competition to showcase your individual strengths.  Let us help you achieve all of your fitness goals!  Become a member of m&mXtreme to get started on your fitness journey today!



This is the Official Section dedicated to those interested in or hoping to compete in a Bodybuilding, Figure, or Bikini competition. The links provided below will help navigate you further into the site and give you more information on how to compete. If you wish to compete in our any of our m&mXtreme show...see m&mXtreme Show Schedule in the menu at the top for more!

Questions or comments you have getting into this sport?  Open forum for questions below!

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