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Pack Your Bags Posted by Mo Pfahler

Read on to unfold all the things you wish to know about what to put inside the suitcase and prepare in that final week for your much anticipated figure/bikini competition.

If I were to make a “how to” guide to prepare for a figure show for any new competitor, part of that guide would include the final week and days prior to your show that focuses on putting together a care package for yourself as a competitor and getting your packing list out of what to put away and bring to your event. I do this before vacations, sports camps, you name it! Now, imagine as a competitor that you have arrived at your final week and your body feels ready and you are really getting tight with those last few workouts and days/weeks/months of sticking to the diet and you need to start to shift your body and mind into competition mode. What would help this process? Follow the steps and packing instructions below:

1) Jan Tanna/tanning supplies: Make sure you have ordered your tanning supplies or set up those details if you will get spray tanned more than a week ahead of time. If you are ordering the supplies online, please, don’t wait to the week of or arrive at the hotel the night before and realize you have the wrong bottle (this has happened to me)…take away that stress and order early and pack it away. Maybe getting a little thank you card for whoever paints you or provides that spray tan service as a nice touch to also tuck away.

2) Baby wipes/sanitizer/plastic gloves: When you are back stage, these wipes are great for cleaning your hands when you are between meals or fixing make-up or just simply to refresh yourself whenever you need. I used the wipes to clean under my arm pits at times and re-apply color because even though I stopped using deodorant a few days before show….I seem to be one of those people that really sweats and my color will turn green under my arms = yikes!

3) A blanket or towel: Having a towel or blanket to spread out and sort of set up camp behind stage is also an extremely helpful tool to pack and utilize for your show. I have a traditional Yankees blanket snuggie that accompanied me to every show; got to support the team! But, be prepared to run this guy through the wash as you will inevitably have color or other product spilling or soaked up in it.

4) Bikini bite = This would be a good thing to pack with all of your tanning supplies so include lotion, color, gloss, and bikini bite all in a separate bag and be prepared for keeping those supplies separate because it can get a little gross afterwards with all the product being used during competition day…I always keep these materials in a separate plastic bag!

5) Slipper or sandals: Pack something really cozy for your feet to wear when you are not in the heels!

6) Robe or loose comfy clothes to wear between pre-juding and finals: Don’t make the mistake during my first show of leaving your suit on all day, please. I recommend getting some nice, comfy sweats to wear between morning and evening portions of the day. Again, if you are a real die hard, you will go the Yankee Fanatics website and discover that there are some nice and affordable navy robes for the only real fans in baseball (I’m really not sorry if I am offending anyone).

7) Phone charger: It may seem odd, but I often lose the power in my phone at the shows…I don’t know what it is, maybe something about the school or event site, but inevitably, I’m trying to stay in touch with friends or family at the end of the day and find that making sure I’ve got the phone car or portable charger handy has been extremely helpful!

8) Cooler with game day food: Yes, get your supplies ready to fuel yourself properly throughout the day.

9) Just a little post-game day food: I am now referring to the one or two cheat foods you have been craving- pack these! I don’t recommend going crazy or anything, but I found that the week prior to my shows, it was really physically and psychologically helpful to just pick up one or two items at the store that I had not been purchasing or flag a couple recipes on Pinterest that I ‘d like to try because it helped with the dieting process….and to have those reward foods/recipes ready was something fun to look forward to! I even had my friends deliver my craving food to me…and in case you were wondering, I find I crave bread most after =).

10) Cosmetics: Finally, include in your packing bag that make up, hair, and various products you plan to prep your face and hair!

11) Heels and suit: This may seem obvious, but make sure it is in your bag!

12) An outfit and a scent for after: I liked to pack something fun to change into after the shows and definitely put perfume on, but whatever I did to try and “freshen-up”, there is something about that jan tanna smell that is not going to get off your person until that shower time hits you at the end of your day/night.

13) Hydration: Okay, I include this towards the end, but this would definitely go in a care package of list of things to pack during show weekend….make sure you’ve got Gatorade or coconut water and plenty of good things to sip on to rehydrate yourself!

14) A sense of adventure…Last but not least, pack a sense of adventure in your list of things to put in your bag and see where the day takes you as it is a summation of many months/weeks of preparation and it only comes once! Don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy the experience and soak it all in…you are now all packed!

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